Saturday, May 16, 2009

Being sick sucks...

Sorry for the inactivity in the blog - I came down with a rather nasty cold that showed some inklings of ambitious plans that needed to be crushed before it could engineer a complete overthrow of my body. Part of being a good CEO is being able to crush revolutions before they can take off. =)

Kidding aside, The Corporation has been working in second gear as of late - not as fast as we'd like but not terribly slowly either. The Alliance is concluding negotiations for our 0.0 machinations, but we haven't been given a full green light to proceed to our new area as of yet. Diplo channels are also working regarding sov and POS deployment as well. But we have an Alliance mining op ongoing which gives members something to do.

We'll have some regular helpful posts again in the next day or two now that I'm feeling better. Just wanted to touch base and let everyone know why I was absent.

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