Sunday, May 10, 2009


Welcome to "From the Desk of the CEO", an EVE Online corporation blog.

The aim of this site is to blog about a different facet of the EVE Online world - the world of CEOs and Corporations and even Alliances.

My name is Vortex, and I am CEO of a corporation in EVE Online which is member of a larger Alliance (not currently holding sov). I've been playing this game now for about six months, and my corporation has been running for just shy of three.

As I went through the EVE Online blogroll, I realized that there were a lot of blogs about pirates and a lot of blogs about individuals and their experiences, but not very many about what goes on in the world of a CEO or corp management. It struck me as a niche that could stand to be filled, particularly because corp management has it's own rhythm and workings and sometimes what goes on behind the scenes of a corporation can be as important as what the corporation is actively doing.

What I'll be doing in this blog is chronicling some of the things that take shape within my corp from my desk and share tidbits and useful pieces of advice on how to better manage and work with a corporation. There may even be guest bloggers from within the corporation or from other corps - the sky's the limit when blogging is involved.

Of course, as I am sure everyone knows, names have been changed to protect the innocent. It's nothing against anyone here, but blogging seems to work best when anonymity is involved. Maybe someday I'll come out from behind the curtain... but not yet.

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