Monday, May 11, 2009

The obligatory "pimp" post

There is a man out in the EVE Universe who runs what most would consider the Yellow Pages of EVE Blogs. While he himself blogs about EVE and other video games, CrazyKinux keeps a running tally of all EVE Online-related blogs. To date he has 236 blogs, with mine being added to the list last night.

So, if you are ever looking for another EVE blog to read, please stop by CrazyKinux's Musing. And if you talk to him, tell him Vortex sent you. :)

Having fulfilled that business transaction with CK, the blog rolls on!


  1. CrazyKinux rules!!!

    Agent EVE, AFK Gamer

  2. Hello, found your blog through CrazyKinux's blog. I'll definitely be following your's as corp. operations interest me.

  3. Well, I'm glad to see I have generated some interest. :) Glad to see some visitors - if you ever have topics you want me to cover regarding corp operations, let me know and I'll be happy to oblige!