Monday, May 11, 2009

"Now go do that voodoo that you do so well"

With respect to Hedley Lamarr, it's very tough to do any sort of voodoo if you don't have a good base of operations from which to work.

To summarize the "History of 'The Corporation'", we began in Gallente space and moved to Caldari Space because there seemed to be a large quantity of recruits over there and they did not wish to make the 15 jumps to our station. So saying, we set up shop right off of Jita and got down to business. Few weeks later, Manufacturing informed me that there was a great little station two jumps down the line and so we added an office out there for it's manufacturing slots (and the 20+ belts that were in the system made it great for Mining).

Now, we used these two stations heavily in the time we were in high-sec, but after joining The Alliance we largely left them and moved our way out to 0.0 space by way of Gallente territory. Now, our Alliance was not participating in sovereignty out in 0.0 space, so we had to act as good houseguests and abide by the rules - no feet on the furniture, no loud music after 7, no mass fleets of Dreads blowing up POSes... the usual stuff. Of course, this also meant that the Outpost out there could be used by members...

...but no corporation in our Alliance could use it as a base of operations. Save, maybe, the executor corp but even that was after much hemming and hawing by our hosting Alliance.

Suffice it to say, the three or so weeks we spent out in 0.0 space were largely a bust for corp-wide activities as each of my Directors had to house their division's goods in their own hangars. Given that everyone had their own schedules, it was particularly chaotic trying to unload the items that we had couriered from our high-sec staging ground and then carry out their regular tasks. The fleet of ships we had built up for the corp to use were stashed away in Military Director's hangar, which meant that for ops the first week or two we had to have members buy their own ships for use, which pretty badly crimped our own style.

So after things fell through for The Alliance, the Alliance as a whole withdrew back to high-sec space to plot and plan again. Now that we're back at our staging ground we're starting to see corp activities pick up again.

The moral of the story: Having a platform from which to do corp activities is worth it's weight in gold. If you go out to 0.0 space, be sure to take a POS with you - never leave high-sec without one.

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